Who's an Episcopalian?

Episcopalians/Anglicans are everywhere.  You probably either know some or have heard of them.

Well known Episcopalians, past and present include:

Robin Williams

Judy Garland

Sam Waterston

Cecil B. DeMille

Charlton Heston

Raymond Massey

Garrison Keillor

Courtney Cox Arquette


Fred Astaire

Roseanne Cash

Judy Collins

David Hyde Pierce

Thurgood Marshall

David Souter

Sandra Day O'Connor

Eleanor Roosevelt

Colin Powell

Madeleine Albright

James Baker

John Steinbeck

Madeline D'Engle

William Faulkner

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Tennessee Williams

Margaret Meade

Buzz Aldrin

Duke Ellington

Cab Calloway

Nat "King" Cole

Reese Witherspoon

31 signers of the Declaration of Independence

Over 1/4 of the US Presidents, including

George Washington

Gerald Ford

George H. W. Bush