Janet Campbell

Canon for Liturgy
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Janet Campbell has worked with worshipping communities large and small for over 20
years and is available to work with congregations at their request. She sees the role of Canon for Liturgy as a resource to assist clergy and congregations as they shape worship that reflects their mission and vision, life and culture, and primary identity as a community gathered around font, word and table to experience and proclaim the presence of the risen Christ. She also serves as liaison to the Liturgy and Arts Commission.

Part of her work includes exploring liturgical practices, possibilities and challenges through conversations, forums, workshops, retreats, which cover topics such as learning to think and talk theologically about liturgy; evaluating liturgical practice; evaluating worship space; teaching and facilitating liturgical change; effective use of symbols and signs; partnership of presider and deacon; developing and nurturing liturgical leaders; developing the assembly’s capacity for worship; and formation and role of worship committees.

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