Welcome back, Poulsbo

“Oh, what a night it is,” said Vicar Craig Vocelka, referring not only to the celebration of Maundy Thursday, but also to the joyful first service of Faith Episcopal Church in the Poulsbo church.

It was a homecoming for some who were former members of St. Charles. Brenda Toth was one of those coming “home.” As woodworkers, Brenda and her husband joined St. Charles after being brought in to fix up some doors. She is excited to get in and fix the church up once again as the new home of Faith Church.

Faith Poulsbo EpiscopalThe facility is still quite bare for this first service. But one new piece is already in place. A piece fitting for Maundy Thursday, made by member Jackson Foster last summer, prior to any discussion of Faith Church moving in to this facility. Foster, a metal worker, was inspired to create a rendition of the last supper, which now fits perfectly in the small side chapel. It also fits with the Maundy Thursday theme to invite all to the Lord’s table, a table that has room for all.

In his homily, Vocelka talked about Maundy Thursday as “the night that started it all and turned the world upside down,” and how this now is the night that is to begin Faith Church on a new journey to “throw open the doors to the community,” and see where it leads. Oh, what a night.

The Episcopal Church building in Poulsbo had been subject to a covenant with an Anglican church which left the Episcopal Church in 2004. The covenant time period was completed in 2014, the Anglican church departed, and now the Episcopal community is worshiping in the building again.

A Celebration of Ministry will be held on June, 9. All are invited to attend.

Photo credits: Dede Moore and Barb Fox