TV Eucharist on Hiatus to Move Studios

TV EucharistThis week saw the final TV Eucharist taping at King Broadcasting’s Dexter Avenue studios.

King Broadcasting will be moving the end of this month to its new location in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood, opposite Safeco Field. TV Eucharist will be taped and broadcast from there. Filming will resume for Palm Sunday and Easter Day when Bishop Greg Rickel and Pastor Joanne Engquist, Gethsemane Lutheran Church, NW Washington Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church (the program’s co-sponsor) will preach and preside.

A move of this nature is complicated, involving transferring technical equipment, training staff, building new sets, establishing revised satellite connections, and all without a break in news broadcasting - management has already moved.

King’s two non-news productions, TV Eucharist and New Day, both will be using previously taped sessions during this interim period. For TV Eucharist this means Lent gets skipped.

The studios that have hosted this diocesan ministry since 1973 when the late Dean of Olympia, John C. Leffler, and former dean, Cabby Tennis celebrated Easter Day. This week’s congregation doing the final taping was Christ Episcopal Church of Puyallup, Rachel Endicott presiding and preaching.

For Fr. Mike Jackson, producer of TV Eucharist for the past 34 years and involved as a participant since 1975, making this final taping at the Dexter Avenue studio was a poignant moment. “That many years in this building, sharing studio sets with a variety of shows, including Almost Live, this space has become almost a second home, at least every other Tuesday afternoon. I’ll miss the place.” As will many, many lay people and clergy throughout the diocese, past and present, who have made this ministry what it is.

TV Eucharist is broadcast every Sunday morning at 5:00 AM on KONG-TV6/16, King Broadcasting’s cable channels.

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