Stewardship of All Resources

We believe Christianity is a faith of abundance and blessing. Becoming a people truly in touch with this reality makes us stewards of all of our resources—human, financial, material and spiritual. At Creation, God gave us responsibility for the care of the earth. More than ever before, we are aware that what we do affects those in the next generations. Jesus teaches us that when we live for others we have abundant life. We assist congregational leaders in strengthening the stewardship of all resources in their congregations, and we practice this at a diocesan level.

The diocesan stewardship program operates on a “holistic” approach, with resources and efforts aimed at the Four Fields of Giving:  Annual Giving; Legacy Giving; Capital Giving; Mission Giving.  Stewardship of the environment and year round stewardship are also emphasized in partnership with other program groups in the diocese.

Our focus is seeing stewardship as a transformation ministry built around the three priority areas for the Diocese (congregational development, engaging and growing people under 35, the stewardship of all resources).

While many congregations focus only on the annual campaign, many are moving into the other fields of giving, seeing stewardship as truly a transformational part of one’s faith journey.   Nearly 30 congregations now have a local legacy society.

Stewardship is key to congregational development, it is not just about money, but about integrating stewardship into one’s life as a Christian, giving back to God from all the gifts God has given to us.

The Stewardship and Development office sends weekly "Steward Stirrings: and periodic emails with stewardship tips and information.  To be added to this list send an email to

Sharon Pethers
Program Coordinator for Stewardship and Development
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