Liturgy and Arts: Our mission, activity and work

Liturgy and Arts: Our mission, activity and work

The mission of the Liturgy & Arts Commission is to foster vibrant and formative liturgies across the diocese, demonstrating the power, depth and breadth to be found within the Book of Common Prayer, Enriching Our Worship, other approved texts of the Episcopal Church, and those created in consultation with the bishop.

Four broad areas of activity are undertaken:

  • Worship for diocesan gatherings: primarily Convention and Ministry Resource Day; secondarily Pre-Conventions, Clergy Days, and other diocesan functions as requested.
  • Education and consultation: Ministry Resource Day, Commission-sponsored institutes or workshops, and, on request, local consultations, Clergy Day, or Regional Ministry gatherings.
  • Web-based worship resources: liturgy customaries requested by the bishop (e.g. Celebration of New Ministry, Marriage, and Ordination);  public domain  imagery and sheet music; supply sources for supplies and directions for creating vessels, vestments and visual arts; links to other liturgy sites; and a diocesan liturgical event calendar. 
  • E-network:  a virtual community for liturgically interested Episcopalians in western Washington.

Five workgroups combine efforts to do this work; the chair of each workgroup serves on the Commission, while the balance of its members may be solicited from the diocese at large.

  • Liturgical Art: create art and environment for diocesan gatherings; develop resources to support congregational development of liturgical art.
  • Liturgical Text: work with the bishop to develop diocesan customaries, and compose specific prayers as needed to supplement those available in the Book of Common Prayer; provide liturgical bulletins for diocesan gatherings.
  • Liturgical Catechesis & Theology: support clergy and congregations in realizing the power of theology enacted through liturgy, and its formative role in people’s lives
  • Music: provide accessible and engaging music for diocesan gatherings in order to build community; develop resources to enrich the musical life of congregations; foster collegiality among parish musicians.
  • Web Resources: build and maintain the Commission’s e-network.