Living Wi$ely, a Faith-based Personal Finance Workshop

Canon Chris HarrisIn a culture that teaches our net-worth is equal to our self-worth and that more stuff is the key to happiness, what in the world are we supposed to do in a recession? One place to start is to change our thinking. On Sept. 12 & 13, the diocesan Stewardship and Development Office will welcome Canon Chris Harris, Diocese of San Diego, and a former tax attorney, to present a course in faith-based thinking about money. Workshop will be held at St. Stephen's in Seattle.  Read more »

Bishop's Society Event 2014 celebrates with a Garden Party

Bishop Soc. Image

Bishop’s Society Members* are invited to join Bishop Greg Rickel for a late Summer Garden Party at Robinswood House, 2430 145th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98007. Wednesday, September 3, 2014 from 6:30–9:00 pm. Deadline for reservations was August 21. Read more »

Support for those Affected by the Eastern Washington fires: How you can help

In a July 25 pastoral email, Bishop Greg Rickel said, "I just received word from Bishop Jim Waggoner of the Diocese of Spokane regarding the fires in eastern Washington and how we might contribute to the immediate relief and ongoing rebuilding of the suffering communities. I urge you to read it and respond as you can to our beloved neighbors." You may donate online through the Diocese of Olympia here: Eastern Washington Fire Relief (link also under Make a Donation in the right hand column of the Home page), or send checks directly to the Diocese of Spokane offices designated for the Disaster Relief Fund: 2014 fires, 245 E 13th Ave, Spokane, WA 99202.   

Letter from Bishop Jim Waggoner: For over two weeks we have been facing widespread, devastating fires in the Diocese of Spokane, the greatest damage and immediate threats to life occurring in Central Washington. Late yesterday I was able to speak with leaders in Brewster, Leavenworth, and Omak who confirmed that while fires are increasingly contained, they still threaten, and immediate response continues as longer term recovery efforts increase. Read more »

Diocese of Olympia cleric receives fellowship for poverty alleviation

The Rev. Sarah Monroe has received a two-year $24,000 Domestic Poverty Fellowship for social justice and advocacy work for The Episcopal Church, announced Samuel McDonald, Episcopal Church Director of Mission and Deputy Chief Operating Officer. Focusing on the Anglican Marks of Mission Mark 4 and Mark 5, the 2014
Justice and Advocacy Fellowships are sponsored by the Episcopal Church Read more »

Child Migrant Crisis: A Message from Hannah Perls, our missionary in El Salvador

In sharing an update from Diocese of Olympia YASC (Young Adult Service Corps) missionary Hannah Perls, Bishop Rickel said, "As we hear lots of information from inside our country about the growing numbers of fleeing children and youth on our borders, I asked Hannah for a view from Central America."

Last week in El Salvador there were 13 murders within 12 hours, many within 10 minutes walking distance of my house here in San Salvador. The thing is, I had no idea until I saw the newspaper the next morning. El Salvador has recorded over 2,000 murders in 2014 alone, but I never see it because of a few very intentional lifestyle choices. I only travel in private taxis or in cars with friends. I live in a gated community with a guard who patrols at night in a house where you have to unlock three separate doors to get in. I avoid buses and the most dangerous areas of the city. If I walk at night, it's always with a large, male friend and only in areas I know. Read more »

Bishop Rickel ordains five to the priesthood July 22 at St. Mark's Cathedral

On Tuesday, July 22, the Rt. Rev. Gregory H Rickel ordained Jennifer King Daugherty, John Forman, Josh Hosler, Laura Murray, and Alissa Newton to the sacred order of priests. Family, friends, their sponsoring congregations, the clergy of the diocese, and well-wishers filled St Mark’s Cathedral on the Feast of St Mary Magdalene to celebrate this momentous moment in the life of church. Read more »

Supporting Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem’s Response in Gaza

Episcopal Relief & Development is supporting the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem’s Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City with funding for food and fuel as it responds to urgent needs during the current crisis. Despite structural damage to the hospital from the impact of Israeli airstrikes, Al-Ahli staff have maintained round-the-clock presence and care for those who have been wounded. Further adding to the strain are shortages in medical supplies and fuel for electrical generators. The hospital’s food supplies are stretched as they provide for patients, their families, hospital staff and those from the community seeking aid. Read more »

Nina Boe, YASC missionary - My work in Brazil

Hello from Rio! Now that things have calmed down a little, I can write a bit about the last few weeks, and my first month back in Brazil – because, amazingly enough, it’s already been a month! So what’s been happening? What am I doing, after all?

[Nina Boe is a member of St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in West Seattle. This is her second year of mission work in Brazil with the Episcopal Young Adult Service Corps (YASC), a program of the Episcopal Church for young adults ages 21-30 to spend a year in international service. Her first year was in the Anglican Diocese of Sao Paulo. You can read more at her blog, or check out this video.]

Read more »

Money at the Apostles' Feet: Building a Budget

We know very little about how the early church funded itself. We know that the apostles had a common purse and that Jesus sent the apostles to get food from a village which, presumably, had to be paid for. We know that Barnabas sold a field and gave the proceeds to the apostles, in contrast to Ananias and Sapphira who kept funds from the apostles (and met a dreadful end). We know that Paul spent money on travel across the Empire and brought funds back to the apostles in Jerusalem. And we know that deacons gave money to the poor and bought food for widows and orphans. Clearly, the church in its earliest days needed money to accomplish its mission. Read more »

A message brought to you by the Committee for the Companionship Relationship with the Diocese of El Salvador

Easter Message of Resurrection from the Right Rev. Martín Barahona, D.D., bishop diocesan of the Episcopal Anglican Church of El Salvador: With much respect, love and admiration for the priests and members of the Episcopal Anglican Church of El Salvador, to all of our Salvadoran people, to our friends in our Province in the Region of Central America and to all who are united with us by a common faith in other parts of the world: Greetings and prayers to the one, living and true God, who is in our midst and who blesses us abundantly. Read more »

Relief & Support for Oso Mudslide Victims

There is a deep connection in the soul when we see tragedy strike. Reaching out and acknowledging that connection with compassion helps us to find redemption in the memory of our own sufferings. This week we surpassed $30,000 in Mudslide Relief Support funds. Gifts come not only from within the Diocese of Olympia, but across the Episcopal Church. One such $2000 gift came from the Church of the Holy Innocents in Beach Haven, New Jersey. Their rector, the Rev. Frank B. Crumbaugh, III, writes, “We on the Jersey Shore send our love and prayers along with this money. We know the human cost and heartache that comes with disaster, and we want you to know you are not alone as you face the Oso mudslide.” The connection transcends the distance from one coast to another as they support people in the wake of this tragedy here in Washington. Read more »

The Tight-knit Fabric of Oso and Darrington

AP Photo/The Herald - Genna MartinThe fabric of small towns is tight-knit community. Oso and Darrington, WA, are communities with tightly-woven relationships connecting people in integrated lives that make everyone “family” in one way or another. The implication of this symbiosis is that when one thread of these communities’ fabric is pulled the whole cloth is affected. That is the nature of these two towns that are digging out of the mudslide that ripped through the landscape and hearts along the north fork of the Stillaguamish River in Snohomish County.
[AP Photo/The Herald - Genna MartinRead more »

Oso Mudslide Relief - Updated

debrisIn a March 29 email news release, Bishop Rickel updated on the situation in Oso and Darrington in the aftermath of the Oso Landslide. Said Rickel, "I have talked with the Rev. Janet Loyd in Darrington every day. She continues to ask for our prayers. She is beginning to find need for the funds raised, which by the way are closing in on $10,000, but of course, more will be needed. She is deeply grateful for this response from individuals and groups in the diocese." (Click here to donate now.) Read more »

Field courses in El Salvador

Foundation Cristosal is a faith-based human rights and community development NGO based in El Salvador. The Cristosal Global School works to develop global awareness and movement toward transformative social change in which each individual's rights are respected. The School offers two week-long field courses in El Salvador this summer: LGBT Rights & Sexual Diversity Ministry in the the Episcopal Church, July 7-14; and, Public Theology: The Voices for Justice in Society, July 19-26. Read more »

Outside Church Walls

Outside Church Walls continues its work considering the intersection of faith and a rapidly-changing culture, and the response of God’s people in the community. In a recent blog, George introduces the Dare to be Christian Project, an idea developed at her congregation by youth leaders to engage youth in conversations about faith outside the congregation walls. Read more »

Three Episcopal Networks to Establish Joint Office in Washington, D.C.

Three independent networks of the Episcopal Church today announced that they had formed a new Episcopal Networks Collaborative. In a workshop on collaboration at the Episcopal Urban Caucus Assembly in Newark, New Jersey, the group announced they had agreed to set up a joint office in Washington, D.C. The office will be housed at the Bishop John T. Walker National Learning Center at the Church of the Holy Comforter. Read more »

Ashes to Go in the Diocese 2015

There will be a number of places in the diocese where Ashes to Go will be available.  You can find them below or through this link. Read more »

Southern Philippines Video

The Rev. Ed Lovelady announces the posting of a new video from the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Philippines. The Diocese of Olympia has partnered with the diocese on Project Tree Care, which aims to plant trees as a way to offset the carbon emitted to our environment.

Seattle-Denver ERD Challenge

A message from Episcopal Relief and Development - THANK YOU! We were overwhelmed by the generosity of football fans across the country, and want to especially thank Bishops O'Neill and Rickel for launching their Super Bowl Challenge in support of our work! Special thanks to everyone who participated, especially in the Episcopal Dioceses of Colorado and Olympia. In total, the 2014 Super Bowl Challenge raised an amazing $31,457.50 to support Episcopal Relief & Development's mission of healing a hurting world! Read more »

We met our Goal in funding the gift of Melissa Skelton's bishop's ring!

Melissa Gift PanelWow!  We have experience our own blowout this week with your generosity thanking Canon Melissa Skelton by fully funding the gift of her Bishop's Ring in a few short days.  Wednesday night, just hours after Bishop Rickel's email invitation went out to our diocese to join in this gift we met our goal.  We know Melissa will be humbled by the expedience with which our diocese has responded to offer this symbol of our gratitude for her ministry here.   Bishop Rickel said of this expedient accomplishment of our diocese, "I am not surprised, because this wonderful spirit of gratitude and generosity is who you are.  You prove that in so many ways, every day."  Read more »