Lent Reading for 2016

Not in Gods NameBishop Rickel has chosen Not in God's Name: Confronting Religious Violence by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks for his 2016 Lent Reading.

In the book, Rabbi Sacks argues the premise that if religion is perceived as being part of the violence problem, then it must be part of the solution.

"I chose this book because of the time we live in. There may be no more pressing issue for those of us within religion, especially the Abrahamic faiths that believe and follow, than to speak out against the use of these faith traditions as a means and rationale for violence and oppression. None of them are faiths which prescribe this way of being and yet all of them have been used this way. Sacks eloquently speaks to this and helps write the apology for why the use of faith is so misguided and an affront to any of the major faiths, and also why we must “step up” as followers of these traditions to say exactly that. It is a time when clearly we must bridge the chasms being created by extremist groups and the media. The divide is not as they would have us believe, and the similarities are abundant. I also, very much hope, for an increased interfaith dialogue and that this book might inspire everyone and anyone who reads it to engage directly in that for themselves."

Bishop Rickel has written more on his blog.

If you'd like to read along with Bishop Rickel, Not in God's Name is available for loan in the Diocesan Resource Center, and to purchase from the Episcopal Bookstore and the Cathedral Shop at Saint Mark's.