February, 2012

Chart showing giving % at various income levels combined with a sample pledge card

November, 2014

The Online Giving Information Packet is a compilation of several resources we have for Online Giving and establishing this capability for your congregation or organization.  The packet includes an Online Giving Nuts and Bolts booklet, Stats Regarding Online Giving, A Sample Pew Card for Online Givers, FAQs for Online Giving and FAQs regarding our Online Giving Banking Resource - Vanco, as well as information about Fees and Services provided.  For more information email: stewardship@ecww.org

To download this resource click here: Online Giving Information Packet

March, 2011

List of 10 reasons

January, 2014

The Planned Giving/Stewardship Office of the Diocese offers the free services of handling stock gifts to benefit congregations, the diocese, or any Episcopal ministry. For your convenience click on the link below for current instructions. Please allow ample time for the transfer and sale of the stock before proceeds can be distributed to your church or other ministry.  For more information, call Sharon Pethers, 206-325-4200, ext. 2041, or email stewardship@ecww.org

March, 2013

This Tithe and Percentage Giving resource gives a quick look at individual annual income and weekly income along with the weekly gift to meet the Tithe and other percentage giving.  This particular reference challenges us to go beyond the tithe in our giving helping those who truly understand that the tithe is the biblical minimum!

March, 2011

Brochure about what it means to give including chart about tithing.