Congregational Development: Building Strong and Healthy Communities of Faith

We believe that developing healthy congregations is central to our call. To that end, we have a clear strategy and ethos of development and health in all our congregations, no matter what the size or context. We assist congregations in facilitating clear expectations and in developing leaders—lay and clergy—who are given the skills and have the understanding to take responsibility for development. We believe that congregational development means far more than numerical growth, but when development is done well, numerical growth is often an outcome.

The major components of congregational development in the Diocese of Olympia are:

a) comprehensive, substantial training in congregational development for clergy and laity in the Diocese,

b) a congregational grants program that assists congregations in developing their congregations around the three priority areas for the Diocese (congregational development, engaging and growing people under 35, the stewardship of all resources),

c) a congregational consulting network that provides congregational leaders with third party assistance for facilitation and consultation as needed and

d) an effective system of the recruitment and deployment of clergy in the Diocese, and

e) a regular, prayerful time of discussion and monitoring of the health of congregations in the Diocese and attention to what Diocesan leaders can do to support and assist congregations in their growth and development.

Congregational Consulting Network

Grants for Congregations

The College for Congregational Development

The Rev. Alissa Newton
Program Director for Congregational Development
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