The College for Congregational Development

The College for Congregational Development is a comprehensive training program for clergy and laity in congregational and organization development.

The College’s aims are:
•    Healthy, faithful, sustainable congregations fulfilling their calling to be the Body of Christ in a particular place and time and among a particular people.
•    Congregations that are grounded in a robust identity rooted in an Anglican ethos and spirituality.
•    Leaders that are both self-defined and connected to their communities of faith. Leaders who are both aware of and responsive to the particular challenges and opportunities before them. Leaders who can help their faith communities engage and
respond to their challenges and opportunities.
•    A common language and community of practice around congregational development in the Diocese. Stronger connections among congregational leaders for the purposes of learning, community, mutual encouragement, and inspiration.
•    The creation of useful training programs that can be shared freely
and used by others in the broader Church.

The College is a 2-year program that includes readings, homework, presentation, working in teams, the completion of a content exam and the completion of two back-home projects.  Because the College seeks to improve the way that leaders function in congregations, parishes are strongly encouraged to send clergy-lay teams to the College. 

Currently, the College is offered in two formats: a four-weekend (Friday-Saturday) format and an intensive 8-day summer format.

For more information on the College, go to the College for Congregational Development website or email the college .