Diocese of Olympia Publishes Social Media Best Practices

If you think you’ve seen this announcement before – you probably have.  There’s a post on our  diocesan app and also on our diocesan Facebook page.  However, since these social media best practices are of particular importance, I want to make sure they are widely distributed – so here’s a slightly longer version of the previous posts!

Social media presents us with a wonderful opportunity to engage with the constantly growing online community and to share our viewpoints, our communities, our programs and our stories with a worldwide audience.
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Bountiful Book on Stewardship presents Accessible Ways to Increase Giving at Your Church

Kristine Miller’s and Scott McKenzie’s new book Bounty: Ten Ways to Increase Giving at Your Church is aptly titled, but it delivers so much more than ten ways to increase your congregation’s giving. They have laid out a guide for stewardship ministry leaders to lead others, and be led, from merely being givers into the transformative blessings of generosity. Read more »

Storytelling for Back to School

Someplace deep within me, I carry every story I have ever heard, every story I have ever lived, every story I will ever need.
Katrina Kenison, Mitten Strings for God Read more »

Archives 2013 – New Orleans

Against a backdrop of beignets, gumbo and jazz, the Society of American Archivists (SAA) held its annual meeting last week in New Orleans.   Summer wouldn’t be complete without SAA.  This is the one meeting I try to attend every year as it brings together more than 1600 professional archivists from the U.S., Canada and other countries around the world.    Representing academic institutions, government offices, corporate businesses, cultural and historical organizations and religious bodies of all sizes and shapes – SAA’s annual meeting presents unique professio Read more »

More than a day off

If you have been reading the diocesan blog over the last few months you may have noticed that we have been writing on some general themes: Restoration, Creativity, Summer Sabbath, Renewal, Nature, Recreation, Play.  One of the first of the summer blogs was Arienne Davison’s meditation on keeping the Sabbath. Read more »

Wagner's Ring Cycle: Creating a Parish Conversation about Spirituality and Work

Over the years those learning the Gather-Transform-Send model in The College for Congregational Development have often wondered out loud about how congregations can explore and support the "Send" portion of the model.  The "Send" portion has to do, of course, with where we as baptized Christians are sent in the world: work life, civic life, family life and, for some, back into work within the Church.  One of the ways we can explpre this "Send"portion is to initiate exploratory conversations among parishioners and others about the intersection of their faith and Read more »

Summertime Faith

"Summer, summer, summer. I loved and hated summer. Summers had a logic all their own, and they always brought something out in me. Summer was supposed to be about freedom and youth and no school and possibilities and adventure and exploration. Summer was a book of hope. That’s why I loved and hated summers. Because they made me want to believe.” Benjamin Alire Saenz, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Summer is a great time of year for Faith Formation. What? Read more »

Summer in Seattle – Seafair and Seafarers

For most of us who live in Seattle and the Puget Sound area, summer is synonymous with Seafair – Seattle’s summer festival filled with parades, boat races, neighborhood block parties, air shows, walks, runs, swims,  every conceivable sort of summer event – and of course, pirates and clowns!
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Nature-Deficit Disorder

Its July, the month for vacations, the month before fall planning has really begun, the month to be outdoors taking long walks in the woods or on the shore, the month for harboring soothing, regenerative thoughts in preparation for the challenges of the fall.  I’d like to have not a care in the world, and I’d wish that the world and all the people in it might be similarly unencumbered.  But wait, what is that song…..’ you don’t always get what you want…. Read more »

Camp Huston offers kids, ages 6-16, a chance for renewal this summer

Camp Huston, the Diocese of Olympia's Episcopal Camp in Gold Bar, offers children ages 6 to 16 a chance to be...kids.

Love and Justice on the Sabbath

In the biblical story of Creation, God did good work then rested. After modeling the first Sabbath, the Creator charged us with observing this pattern of good work and rest. As we enter the summer season, many of us will have a chance to take a breath - to inspire the Holy Spirit. But don't hold that breath. Breathe it out. Read more »

Camping, Community and Christian Commitment

Eighty five years ago on June 22, 1928, a dozen boys from congregations around the diocese showed up at Annie Wright Seminary with their blankets, bathing suits, collapsible drinking cups and prayer books for the first camping session organized in the Diocese of Olympia.

Originally named Camp Scott after the diocese’s first missionary bishop, the camp was soon re-named Camp Huston after Bishop S. Arthur Huston who established the program.  Advertised as a “Leadership Training Camp” for boys, the camp emphasized spiritual, intellectual and physical development. Read more »

Faith Formation in a Digital Age

Two weeks ago today I was at the Virginia Theological Seminary attending a conference with the provocative title of “Eformation”.  The conference was wonderful and I’ll be talking much more about it, but first I’d like to mention a book that I read in preparation.  "Digital Disciple: Real Christianity in a Virtual World" by Adam Thomas (Abingdon Press, 2011) was mentioned in the pre-conference material and I’d never read it, although it’s been in our collection for some time (248.4 Tho).  Read more »

Book Review by the Rt. Rev. Sandy Hampton

Sometime ago, "The New Yorker" magazine ran a cartoon which showed an army (Crusaders?) marching off to war. One soldier turns to another and says, "I hear it's because we're right and they're wrong."
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"Follow the Yellow Brick Road"

We are in the final countdown for our 6-Day Conference to be held at Camp Huston June 19-25, 2013.  Registration is still open and applications are being excepted for high school youth who have completed grades 9-12.  There will be fabulous food, fun, music, small groups and worship.  It will be an awesome week as we travel down the yellow brick road with Dorothy and her companions searching for the way back home. Read more »