“Crazy” Online Learning Opportunity

Many of you have heard about ChurchNext, the online learning program launched this year, and here is a terrific, totally free, opportunity to experience this kind of learning.  Using the same format as all the ChurchNext classes, several agencies, including Church Publishing, Forward Movement and the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina present:  “The Big Class: How to be a Crazy Christian with Michael Curry.” Read more »

Do We Take Our Baptismal Theology Seriously?

Holistic Stewardship is rooted in Baptismal theology and Baptismal theology oozes from each of the readings on the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord this week (see texts here).  The problem I see is that we don't have a very deep understanding of Baptismal theology so we often miss the implications of it in our lives after baptism.  And therefore, deep meaning of these texts for our faith and congregational communities. Read more »

Twelve Days of Christmas

Last year  about this time I was asked me what books provided activities for the  twelve days of Christmas.  I confess that I was stumped, except to suggest that some of the activities suggested for Advent and Epiphany would continue to be appropriate.  The question, though, has stayed with me all year.   How do we characterize these days, beyond  singing of geese a-laying and lords a-leaping?  A very helpful book titled Before and After Christmas: activities and ideas for Advent and Epiphany ( 263.91 O’Ne) suggests sharing our family stories and memo Read more »

Toward Christmas

MANY ROADS led to the scene of the first Christmas.  They were traveled by careless sojourners, preoccupied officials, anxious householders; by the awe-struck shepherds and the wondering Magi; by the Virgin Mother conscious of her sacred burden.  These found what each was prepared to see. Read more »

LAST CHANCE! Survey regarding the Church's trial liturgy for blessing same-sex relationships

Second Notice: Last Two Weeks to Participate!

from the Rev. Canon Janet Campbell, Canon for Liturgy

The Episcopal Church’s Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music (SCLM) is still gathering feedback about “Liturgical Resources I:  I Will Bless You and You Will Be a Blessing.” The survey ends December 31, 3013.

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Faith Formation Online

For years we’ve been intrigued and somewhat daunted by the idea of online learning as a vehicle for faith formation and now there seems to be an easy way to try it on for size.  Faith formation online is not new of course, and is offered in extensive programs such as EfM (Education for Ministry) and CDSP’s CALL (Center for Anglican Learning and Leadership) program, but last summer I learned of a different kind of approach called ChurchNext, and we have paid for six months or so to develop focus groups to explore and evaluate it.  Read more »

Happy New Year!

This Sunday it all begins again, a new church year, as we enter the "waiting" season of Advent, the time we have set aside to get ready to come close to the mystery of Christmas.   

It has always intrigued me that we being the church year with waiting. Doesn't a beginning imply that the waiting has already happened? Why not simply begin the church year with Christmas?   Read more »

What’s Cooking?

Among the many collections cared for in the diocesan archives, one of my favorites – and most appropriate for this time of year - is the cookbook collection.  There are currently 30 cookbooks in this collection – just one box full – not a large collection by any means.  However, what this collection lacks in size it makes up for in heart.  Read more »

Survey regarding the liturgical resource for the blessing of same-sex relationships.

from the Rev. Canon Janet Campbell, Canon for Liturgy

The Episcopal Church Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music (SCLM) is seeking information about the Church’s experience with “Liturgical Resources I:  I Will Bless You and You Will Be a Blessing.”

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Taking Pictures in my Minds' Eye

I have to confess that one of my favorite parts of checking facebook is seeing the pictures people post.  Yes, even the pictures of their meals!  You see, I love the stories pictures tell, through their framing, through the miscellaneous details that appear on the sidelines, from their interaction with other pictures, and with the commentary often posted alongside them.  My favorite blogs, the ones I check every day, are often populated with pictures that bring a particular focus to the words of the author. Read more »

Not whether but how

An amazing of event transpired at the 77th General Convention in 2012: Resolution C095 which dealt with structural reform, passed unanimously in both the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops.  You may also remember the terrific blog from Katrina Hamilton describing that scene in the House of Deputies (if you missed it, read it here at: http://generalconvention.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/did-you-hear-that/). Read more »

A Great and Growing Harvest: The Diocese of Olympia Archives

“The proceedings of the Convocation…are of permanent value and interest in our Missionary annals.  They are the first fruits of a great and growing harvest."   The Rt. Rev. Thomas Fielding Scott, 1st Missionary Bishop of Oregon and Washington Territories, Spirit of Missions, October 1854.
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Sharing each other’s resources

Years ago, when I worked for the public library, it was common practice to ask around when responding to a patron request (for instance, “could you suggest books with a strong sense of place”, “do you know of a mystery set in a monastery”).   We understood that although we worked in a great depository of information, sometimes we were our own best resources.  The same principle can be used in the diocese, and probably already is in some cases.  The Resource Center has a lot of information, both print and media,  and when I am contacted on a topic I’m delighted to te Read more »

Strengthening the Sense of Belonging and Gratitude in the Fall before the Annual Fund Effort

St. Paul's Seattle is experimenting this year with a way to strengthen the bonds of relationship in the parish, get us more in touch with the gifts of our parishioners and support us all in our ongoing spiritual journeys as Christian people.  What we will be doing is creating a blog with entries that can be delivered on a daily basis to parishioners' email iinboxes.  At the same time the entries will appear on both of our FaceBook pages.   Read more »