October is Archives Month

Archives Month is an annual month-long celebration highlighting the importance of archives and the value archives bring to our lives.  Founded in 1969, Archives Month is a collaborative effort by professional archival organizations and repositories to raise awareness about archives, what they do, why they do it, and the materials they contain. 

At the time the Diocese of Olympia Archives was officially established in 1976, Bishop Robert H. Cochrane wrote:

We are the People of remembrance. We are the People with a Story. All through the long history of our Hebrew-Christian tradition we have been the People who have never allowed ourselves to forget those events of our history in which God has acted to reveal Himself to us and make known His loving purpose for us.  Through our Scriptures and our Liturgy—through Word and Sacrament – The Past is ever made Present to us for our renewal as we continue to remember…

We are the People with a Story—the Story of God’s saving love and concern for His world through the mission and ministry of His Church.  It is a continuing, on-going story and we and our work today as members of His Church, wherever we may be, are an important part of that Story.  Past, Present, and Future are really one in the Eternalness of God and that is what gives value to our ministry today. Who we are now has been shaped by what has been and who we shall be is being shaped by what we do now.  There was a time Yesterday when we Today were somebody’s Future.  There will be a time Tomorrow when we today will be somebody’s Past.  It is vitally important, then, that the on-going Story be preserved at all times and in all places, including each local congregation. 

The Diocese of Olympia Archives is here for you.  It preserves our diocesan memory – our words and deeds – and makes it possible to tell our story.  The diocese is made up of over 100 congregations – each of which also has a story to keep and to tell.  If I can be of any help to you in this endeavor, please give me a call, send me an email or stop by the Archives exhibit at diocesan convention.   I look forward to hearing from you.

Diane Wells, CA
Archivist and Records Manager