Adult Faith Formation


The Episcopal Church’s Charter for Lifelong Learning states that Faith Formation is unceasing, dynamic, hospitable, and both formal and informal.  We are continuously transformed through liturgy, the study of Scripture, learning experiences, and as guardians of God’s creation. 


Our goal is to effectively minister to all.  Faith formation activities for adults need to honor where we are in life, what we already know from our experiences, and complement our gifts, while challenging us to continue to grow—by trying new things, further honing our talents and perhaps developing new ones, and listening to the Spirit as we live by Grace and with Grace.  


We seek to create relationships in adult faith formation ministries by reaching out and talking to congergations and clergy about what they are doing, what they want to do, and what resources and training they want to make this happen.  There are many amazing things happening at the parish level—we would like to share these to facilitate an adult faith formation network.  In the future, our goal is to provide churches with adult faith formation tools they need as well as offer diocesan-wide learning and training opportunities.  We are researching online resources, distance learning, shared parish resources, training needs, communication tools, and working with other ministries in order to help connect all across the diocese.


Sue Tait, Director of the Resource Center, will continue to: 


Manage and promote the resource center

  Coordinate Education for Ministry (EfM)

  Provide Licensed Ministry Training (LMT)  


Maureen Crawford, Director for Adult Faith Formation, will:


Work with local churches, staff, and clergy to promote faith formation opportunities that complement current ministries

Explore and implement new resources and new ways to use existing resources

Develop (in partnership with churches) classes and workshops

Help increase awareness about existing local and diocesan-wide offerings.  


To access PowerPoint presentation on Adult Faith Formation at the 2015 Diocesan Convention, click here.


For the most current information, click here: What’s Happening 


You can also read more about adult faith formation at Bishop’s Staff Blog.


Both Sue and Maureen are available for consultations, to answer questions, or just to share a cup of coffee and talk about adult faith formation.